The Real Insider Pro Sales and Marketing Secrets podcast hosted a new episode on sales and marketing

planning. Not having a solid sales and marketing plan could be preventing you from hitting your goals.

What is a Sales & Marketing Plan?

Planning might sound simple but there are a lot of different terms out there about planning. What’s the difference between a business plan and a sales and marketing plan? What’s the importance of each?

You may be surprised by how many people I’ve coached and trained who didn’t have a business plan. These are not just my real estate clients; I’ve worked with clients working without business plans from various industries. Perhaps more importantly though in they’re missing the sales and marketing plan, which is an extension of the business plan. The sales & marketing plan is the roadmap for hitting your goals, whereas the business plan is the 50,000-foot overview.

So, the business plan is what we want to achieve, and the sales and marketing plan shows how you will execute it.  Why is this important to have? Let’s be real; business is chaotic and it’s easy to get turned around. You can be going in one direction, and then something unexpected happens that derails you very quickly into another direction.  We also get bombarded with different ideas and opportunities hitting us from every direction. There are so many marketing ideas, lead generation services, CRMs, technologies and other new things coming out that if we don’t have a strategic plan, we will get lost. If we don’t have a plan for database management, lead generation, lead conversion mapped out in

advance, sometimes we risk purchasing things that really don’t make sense.  We end up wasting money chasing after the shiny new thing or the silver bullet. And sometimes, we purchase things that don’t

fit into the plan. Now you’ve locked up your budget and can’t do something else that might be more important.

What kind of results can you expect?

There are a lot of factors that we’ll consider and discuss. I want to start by telling you my story about developing this idea of the Sales & Marketing Secrets series.  It’s all part of a new master class program we’ll be rolling out called, you guessed it, Sales & Marketing Secrets Master Class. The program is a compilation of over 75 interviews from real estate’s top performers, thought leaders and marketers. Those interviews, plus the experience we’ve derived from making over 30 million phone calls from the broker-to-broker ISA teams I’ve run, are the source of the market insights we used to build the Sales & Marketing Master Class.

The intense sales and marketing plan we’ve developed for our clients included sending out over a million ringless voicemails to generate inbound calls 800,000 postcards and much more. All having generated over 66,000 appointments to date and move $5 Billion through either referral or closings on some transactions on the listing side only.

So, we’re not speaking about some theoretical B.S. that you might hear from somebody else, we’re talking about practical things that we do every single day with real results.  We literally have agents tune into the Sales & Marketing planning workshops and have life-changing, business-changing moments from insights shared within the half-hour session. Once they get the whole plan integrated into their business, they’re doubling or tripling their production. That’s the plan that we’re talking about, and in this podcast, my number one goal is to convince you that you need a sales and marketing plan.

If you already have one, I still want to encourage you to look at our Sales & Marketing plans and integrate some of the things that we have to offer to take your plan to another level.

Watch the rest of the podcast video here to learn the details of the Sales & Marketing Secrets program and how you can integrate it into your business.