Adapted from article originally written by CHRIS DRAYER · 2019

Predictive AI is very powerful – especially when put in the right hands in Mortgage and Real Estate professionals.

So, who are the right hands, and what are the best practices?
Three areas of Mortgage and Real Estate companies can be positively impacted by the “likely-mover” technology being leveraged by Real Database Pro. 

Here’s what current users say works well for Sales, Marketing and Management.

Sales Department

The Likely mover lead list is very powerful in the hands of a good ISA team.  This creates massive efficiencies, sometimes in excess of 98% when looking at the total list they were calling previously.

For Example – ISA teams success rates are typically around 2%, or 1 out of 50 calls – but with the proprietary AI data you can expect 1 in 5 or 19.5% success rate.

Marketing Department

Marketing folks are always looking for an angle or an edge.  Current users report leveraging the Likely Mover AI Leads in both Facebook, Direct Mail and Email marketing with great success.  We recommend that you keep doing what’s proven to work well for you in the past – just use the Real Database Pro service to improve efficiencies.

For Example – Create a Facebook custom audience, and begin displaying branding messages or pre-qualification / low rate offers. Information that is helpful and timely is best.

Management / C Suite

Efficiencies and growing the bottom line is the primary goal of management, and through the  Real Database Pro platform, we can help with cleaning your data and improving your tracking and insight.

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