The “work smarter, not harder” Myth about Prospecting Real Estate Leads

The Never Ending Search For The "Easy Button" As Colin Powell once put it, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” Who among us doesn’t know the truthfulness of that statement? Yet most of us still find ourselves falling into the trap of the

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Toxic Data & Bad Real Estate Leads are Killing Your Sales

Adapted from article origianlly written by CHRIS DRAYER · 2019 Dirty, toxic data and bad leads are costing you money.   They can decimate marketing performance and devour salespeople’s confidence in leads. Toxic data is not an uncommon problem. It’s across all industries and comes in all sizes.  It’s prevalent in our databases and it stifles our sales, infects motivation and wastes marketing investments.

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Growth Hacking with the 12 Key Strategies for Success

Today we’re going to discuss growth hacks. What the heck is growth hacking? Growth hacking is a way to hyper-grow your business. There are 12 key strategies to accomplish that. The first strategy we’ll cover is marketing. At the end of the day, if you don’t have a rock-solid marketing game plan and your

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Are you getting an ROI from Your Sphere of Influence?

We call agents who strive to go beyond the average to achieve mega-success “Rainmakers.” This series shares some of the tactics and strategies Rainmakers use to up their game. When it comes to your SOI, there is a formula that can ensure you cash in on your SOI. Let’s assume that your average gross

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Decoding the mind of the Home Seller and Why Your marketing plan could/fail if you don’t.

One of the most common but easy to avoid mistakes I see in sales and marketing plans is not factoring in the primary motivation and pain that your target audience goes through on a daily basis. Why is this important? Well, because it could cost you millions of dollars in sales and tens of

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Real Estate Sales & Marketing Secrets Podcast 3.02

The Real Insider Pro Sales and Marketing Secrets podcast hosted a new episode on sales and marketing planning. Not having a solid sales and marketing plan could be preventing you from hitting your goals. What is a Sales & Marketing Plan? Planning might sound simple but there are a lot of different terms

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