RAP Success Systems and Cole Realty Resource, two progressive real estate technology companies, join forces to help agents overcome one of the biggest challenges in the industry. 

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” Jimmy Dean

In a recent Facebook live interview, Tyler Steenken of Cole Realty Resource and Isaiah Colton of RAP Success Systems shared how their two companies adjusted their sails to give real estate agents more leverage in the marketplace.

Cole and RAPSS have established a partnership to make their data resources and lead conversion strategies work together. Harnessing the power of these two resources in tandem makes the data a thousand times more actionable than using either resource on its own.

The partnership began when both companies realized they had a shared mission to use their services to help real estate agents crush their goals. Most agents who turn to RAPSS and Cole are those looking to take their business to a whole new level in their market.

RAPSS exclusively works with mega agents and team leaders. Even among that elite group, RAPSS found that lead conversion was a huge problem. “It’s not surprising when the first training or advice new agents get is that building a successful practice is all about lead generation,” said Isaiah Colton.

RAPSS uses its strength with artificial intelligence to turn the hyper-local data provided by Cole into a SMART database. The result is a highly actionable lead database in a user-friendly platform.  It doesn’t get better than that for agents seeking to create their own sales machine. RAPSS takes it one step further by helping agents focus on different strategies that increase the lead conversion rate dramatically above market averages.

It may seem simple now, but there has been a lot of evolution in what data providers like Cole and lead management services like RAPSS provide. Both companies are experts at tracking the “winds” of the marketplace and making the necessary advances to ensure their clients stay ahead of the curve. In addition to technological advances, RAPSS also offers Inside Sales Agents as a team-building resource for busy practices.

“Because of the tremendous investment of resources and manpower that RAPSS makes to deliver services, we restrict the type of agents we support to the top agents; those who generate at least 30-40 transactions per year.  We also ensure we work only with agents who have a mindset that understands that their database is everything and it has to be managed and worked to be a cash machine,” said Isaiah Colton

It’s no secret that agents have to spend money on lead generation. There are reports of agents spending anywhere from $10,000 a year up to an eye-popping $125,000 per month.1  With that kind of money at stake, if you don’t have a rock-solid database at your foundation and you’re not partnering with advanced data providers like Cole, then you will never fully monetize all those leads generated, and you may even go broke in the process.

Consider this: the average conversion rate on internet leads is only 0.005%, ouch! Since the cost of lead generation will continue to rise, and more agents are competing for the same type of leads, agents will have to be more creative with how they’re attacking the marketplace.

“We started off 70 years ago printing Cole Directories. Since then we have expanded into an online platform and with Cole Realty Resource, small businesses are able to grow,” says Tyler. “With our database, agents can receive unlimited access to contact information such as landlines, email addresses, and cell phones. We had to find innovative ways to get cell phone numbers, email addresses and now even attributes like credit indicators and length of residence; that includes a robust set of analytics behind each record. We put a lot of focus on adding value so we can be a true partner to our clients in this changing industry. The Real Database Pro and Lead Conversion Pro products from RAPSS are specifically designed to make the data from services like Cole actionable.

The average agent just grinds through whatever data they happen to have. They pick up the phone and just start calling as many people as they can. But our job is to help agents realize that they need to be smart about what they’re doing to grow a sustainable business. You must reach out to those leads in a systematic, strategic way. It’s not about just buying the leads.

RAPSS is currently headquartered in the Eastman Kodak building, in Rochester, NY. Every day, the collapse of Kodak serves a reminder that you must stay ahead of the curve and be willing to adjust your sails ahead of the prevailing winds. “That’s why our mission is to be the company and team that helps agents convert leads. We are the Lead Conversion Experts,” said Isaiah Colton.

In fairness to agents, when they first got their license, they didn’t know they had to have a master’s degree in sales and marketing.  No one really explains that part of the job. The reality is that to be successful in today’s market; you need to be knowledgeable about fundamental sales and marketing principles. So, if you don’t already have those skills you have to be willing to learn them along the way. A quick way to acquire those skills is to partner with teams like RAPSS that have a mission to share those best practices with their clients.

To get more details about technology companies Cole Realty Resource and RAP Success Systems’ mission to help real estate agents crush their goals, listen to the full interview here: Putting data to work for you!

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